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“The crew at JMS were amazing from start to finish. For someone like me who is new to this world, they really took care of everything. When I had questions, R was extremely quick to answer. Just a super professional team of people and I am over the moon with the end product.”
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Subtitling specialists for film, television, and online media

The need for professional captioning and subtitling services has grown dramatically, as companies court global, multilingual clients. JMS provides high-quality subtitling, both interlingual and intralingual for all types of subtitling for any type of audience and any type of media.

Ranging from film festival digital subtitling through to multi-language strings for DVD and subtitles for film and television. Whatever format is required, JMS can provide it. We start by working with you in comprehensively reviewing all materials to ensure we’re clear on their meaning and intended audience. Once everyone’s onboard, scripts are digitized, time-coded, cleared for production, and stored on our servers for permission-based worldwide accessibility.

JMS can provide the text is formatted to your specifications, and also the subtitling service itself. All we require is your finished film and we are ready to start the subtitling process. Based in Tokyo, JMS employs a dynamic and highly-experienced multilingual team as well as hundreds of freelance translators throughout the world.

Japan Media Services' subtitle team is composed of subtitlers, translators and technicians all of whom possess the necessary skills, expertise and attention to detail to carry out their role to perfect. JMS offer services subtitles and captions into deliverable media in over 120 languages, for clients ranging from large corporations and e-learning companies to translation service providers, film festivals, broadcasters, and other various media industries.

Subtitles: Subtitles display any linguistic content in a foreign language. Any dialog, narration, titles, or in-camera text (like signs, newspaper headlines) is translated.

Captions: Display any audible content. Usually in the same language as the original, they make any audio accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers, including sound effects (“door bell rings”) or music (“jazz music plays”).

JMS also offer one round of client changes free of charge.

Our Subtitling Services

JMS offers subtitling services in any language of the world, for any company serving international and multicultural markets. Our subtitles are timed, simulated and can be turned on and off or delivered as always on or burned onto the video. We provide full service post-production services and ensure your video deliverables are to spec in any format.

  • - English and Japanese subtitles
  • - Subtitles in foreign languages
  • - DVD subtitles
  • - SDH subtitles
  • - feature film subtitles
  • - YouTube subtitles
  • - Final Cut Pro subtitles
  • - Premiere subtitles
  • - subtitling of independent films and documentaries

Materials We Subtitle

  • - Feature Films and documentaries for theatrical distribution
  • - Videos for online distribution
  • - DVDs
  • - TV Programming
  • - Animated Videos and Movies
  • - E-Learning Content
  • - Employee Training Videos
  • - Industrial Videos
  • - Corporate Videos
  • - Commercials
  • - Infomercials
  • - Recorded Webcasts
  • - Promos
  • - Motivational Videos
  • - Sports Videos

Don’t see yours? Just ask us and we'll handle it.

Deliverables Options:
Videos: MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, SWF, FLV, and many more.
Subs can be "toggled" (turn on and off), or "burned in" (hard coded).
Encoded Text (STL, SRT, SSA, etc.) for DVD authoring programs, YouTube/web interfaces, etc.
XML files – for editing programs (Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid).
Technical Expertise: We provide in-house expert transcriptionists, time-coders and video editors and support for all video formats, including HD/4K.

Please check our FAQ page to see how we calculate costs and also for answers to other questions.

Subtitles Delivery Options

Burned-In Open Subtitles
Video File Deliverables

  • MP4

  • Quicktime MOV

  • FLV/F4V

  • WMV

  • AVI

  • SWF

Embedded to Video

  • Quicktime MOV

  • MP4

Online Distribution Channels

  • YouTube
  • SRT



  • LRC

  • CAP

  • SAMI

  • RT

  • VTT


  • SCC

  • STL

  • TDS

  • CIN

  • ASC

  • CAP

  • Amazon
  • SRT

  • STL

  • SCC

  • XML

  • TTML

  • ITT

  • Vimeo
  • SRT

  • WebVTT


  • SCC

  • SAMI

  • JW-Player
  • WebVTT

  • SRT

  • TTML

  • JW-Player
  • WebVTT

  • SRT

  • TTML

  • Brightcove
  • WebVTT

  • Flash-based DFPX

  • TTML

  • Netflix
  • TTML

  • SAMI

  • HTML5-based
  • WebVVT

  • Wistia
  • SRT

  • Hulu
  • SAMI

Editing Timelines

  • Avid – Avid DS, EBU STL

  • Adobe After Effects & Premiere – TXT, FAB & TIFFs

  • Final Cut Pro – XML, XML with graphics

DVD & Blu-Ray Authoring

  • Sonic Scenarist – SCC, TXT & TIFFs

  • Adobe Encore – TXT, FAB & TIFFs

  • Avid DVD – TXT, Avid DS

  • Sony DVD Architect – TXT

  • Sony Blu-Print – XML & PNGs

  • DVD Studio Pro – STL, SON, TXT, SCR

  • Spruce Maestro – SON, STL

Alpha Channel Video

  • Quicktime ProRes – matching client video specs

Text & Graphics Solutions

  • Text & graphics combinations available per integration requirements.

Broadcast Captioning Packages

  • SCC

  • MCC

  • AAF

  • CAP

  • TDS


  • WebVTT

Digital Cinema Packages

  • DLP Cinema XML

Digital Video Broadcasting

  • CEA-708 compliant


  • DVB-Teletext

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