About Japan Media Services

From Japan to the World, and from the World to Japan

At Japan Media Services, we believe every project is greater than the sum of its produced parts. When all those parts are combined together and juxtaposed in just the right way, they take on a life of their own as a unified creative vision with greater meaning, stronger emotion, and deeper subtext than anyone could have anticipated or planned for in advance. JMS’s world-class team of video editors, in-house translators, and other post-production specialists produce imagery and sequences as breathtaking and ambitious as our writers and directors can dream. Our composers and sound designers for audio elements ensure a unified creative vision across all aspects of the job. Does your video need innovative cutting? Do you want the BEST subtitles in the business? Would you like a seamless, efficient workflow from production through post-production? Do you want sound that knocks the audience out of their chairs?


Let Japan Media Services handle it!


Our services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Video editing
  • Japan 4K/2K/HD videography
  • Color correction
  • Music scoring
  • Subtitling and closed captions in any language
  • Sound design
  • Website Design
  • Japan location scouting
  • Social media uploads
  • Japan stock footage
  • Japan aerial videography
  • Voiceover talent casting and dubbing
  • Japanese on-camera talent casting
  • Japan based non-Japanese on-camera talent casting
  • DVD and Blu-Ray creation/duplication
  • Script writing