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“The crew at JMS were amazing from start to finish. For someone like me who is new to this world, they really took care of everything. When I had questions, R was extremely quick to answer. Just a super professional team of people and I am over the moon with the end product.”
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Music is a powerful storytelling tool!

Music emphasizes the underlying emotions of the message. Our composers and editors make music work subconsciously, subtly serving the story. Japan Media Services offers original music for a variety of media types that will enhance and support your visual content. JMS can provide a sonorous musical score that will draw listeners in and deliver a customized message in an exciting way.

JMS score music for genres including feature films, short films, television, television commercials, web videos, corporate training videos, documentaries, and more.

Our composers are the maestros behind feature films, TV shows, TV spots, and documentaries. Their music is the wave on which all other disparate visual and audio elements ride into one cohesive viewing experience. Their one-of-a-kind scores underline a scene’s psychology. Their motifs and moods and grooves deepen character and drive narrative.

JMS considers music too important to be an afterthought or background filler. Ideally, we bring in a composer or a music supervisor during pre-production to harmonize the look, sound, and feel of the entire project from its inception. Once the film is cut, our composers score to the exact timings of each scene. Cut by cut. Beat by beat.

Because controlling every detail is crucial to the outcome, JMS offers a complete array of music scoring services. We cover composing, arranging, and orchestrating, even copying the parts. We hire the musicians and vocalists. Conduct the sessions. And book the best recording studio. Then we carefully supervise the music mix before editing the soundtrack with picture.

We offer complete music services as integral component of our full range of video production services, as well as:

• Original music scoring
• Music editing
• Music mixing

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