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“The crew at JMS were amazing from start to finish. For someone like me who is new to this world, they really took care of everything. When I had questions, R was extremely quick to answer. Just a super professional team of people and I am over the moon with the end product.”
Tadahiro N.Peace Gate LTD.

Location Scouting

We collaborate closely with our producers, directors, and production designers to balance the ideal aesthetic choices for each location, with real world production logistics.

Location Scouting Price List

Research Fee

  Full Day Half Day
Research ¥30,000 ¥20,000

Co-ordination Fee

  Full Day Half Day
Location Scouting ¥50,000 ¥30,000
Assistant / ¥30,000 ¥20,000

  Up to 10 hours Every hour after
Location ¥50,000 ¥5,000
Assistant ¥30,000 ¥3,000

Misc. Fees and Charges

  Same day cancellation Within 3 days of shooting
Cancellation Fee 100% 80%

Car / Bus hire Click Here Map creation ¥10,000 per map
※ Each item will be charged separately
※ Coordination fee for location varies depending on time, size and contents.


Name Price
Director's chair ¥500
Small table ¥1,000
Large table ¥1,000
1.6kw power generator ¥10,000
Extention cable ¥500
Jet heater ¥10,000
2.1m stepladder ¥2,000
Small Magliner ¥4,000
Arrow signboard ¥4,000
Cones ¥500
Shovel ¥500
Tent (250cm x 250cm) ¥12,000
Small camp type tent ¥5,000
Tarp ¥4,000
Plastic tank for water ¥500
Equipment van ¥20,000 per day

Protective items

Name Price
Veneer ¥1,000
Patch cloth ¥500
Mutiple protective cover ¥1,000
【Expendable supplies】  
Roll up carpet 90cm ¥1,000/m
Roll up carpet 180cm ¥2,000/m
Bubble wrap ¥4,000
Tape ¥500 per roll
Large plastic roll up sheet ¥18,000
Food and Beverage Items
Name Price
Coffee maker ¥3,000
Summer Japanese tea set ¥1,000
Winter Japanese tea set ¥2,000
Various pots set (4 piece set) ¥1500
Electric kettle ¥500
Cooler box ¥1,500
Water jug (large) ¥1,000
Small BBQ ¥2,000
Gas canister ¥1,000
Paper cups (100) ¥1,000


Name Price
Full lenght mirror ¥1,000
Small mirror ¥500
Eye lamp w/clip ¥2,000
Halogen lamp w/stand ¥2,000
Thick winter coat ¥5,000
Coat hanger rack ¥1,000
Broom ¥500
Rake ¥500
Garbage can ¥500
Other Services  
Garbage disposal ¥500 per bag
Gasoline ¥160/L
Kerosene Value at time of shoot

Japan Stock Footage

Do you need stock footage of Japan? JMS can provide stock footage of Japan for your feature, short, documentary or any other kind of project. Just tell us the look you are after, and our dedicated team will go out and film it for you!

We believe a video’s physical location on screen influences a viewer’s reaction to the production in a multitude of ways, some subtle, others not so subtle. That’s why we work closely with the client to determine the perfect location for each scene in Japan.

Armed with extensive Japanese location databases and years of production experience, our location scouts seek Japanese sites that are practical for accessibility, electricity, noise levels, and other criteria. They present the client with photos, videos, and other pertinent information for the best selections.

Once locations are chosen, JMS negotiate fees and acquire the necessary rights to film there, as well as consulting with film commissions and navigate the obtaining of police permits, commandeering parking, and managing neighbors etc.

In addition to our array of video production services, JMS also offer full location scouting services for all over Japan including:
• Photographing locations for approval
• Negotiating contracts
• Acquiring location insurance
• Complying with local laws
• Securing nearby parking
• Obtaining filming permits
• Preparing precise directions and maps
• Meeting with local businesses and neighbors

Do you want the best possible location for your shoot while in Japan, without all the hassles? Let JMS handle all of your location scouting.

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